Update on the new MVC

So, I decided that it would be wise to post an update to follow up the previous post about my MVC. I’ve taken most of the last several weeks to dedicate time to my school work, which is now complete. Unfortunately, I haven’t had much luck pulling in contracts because all potential clients seem to all be strapped for cash. I understand, that’s just how it goes in a recession.

But, hopefully I’ll be able to start building a client base over this next school year? Perhaps.

Anyway, the MVC project has been on hold for the most part since my last post. Currently, the controller and view portions are working perfectly. Now, what is left is to flesh out the Model code, which has been giving me a little bit of trouble. Part of the problem originated from the fact that I used functions that only exist in PHP 5.3.0, whereas most everyone (including myself) is using 5.2.8 or 5.2.9. So, some of my code had to be rewritten. My current challenge centers around getting the Model to run searches of the databases on a where clause. From what I can tell, the Model generates a valid query – but the query results are not actually getting passed back to the controller for some reason. Things press on.

I’m developing the MVC alongside the new OSAN project for Leadership Macon. Why, might you ask? The OSAN project embodies some of the most difficult database concepts in order to do what Leadership Macon needs done. It has relational data out the wazoo. So, if it works with OSAN, the MVC should be able to scale to virtually anything without much trouble.

I hope to be back underway on both projects soon, but that’s my update for now. Peace.