Entertaining Professors are Awesome

For anyone else wondering why you go to grad school, I asked a question in my Computer Architecture class today and got this as an answer:

“We’re not concerned with that, because you’re an undergrad. You’re here to learn the stuff we do know. What you don’t realize is that we don’t know what we’re doing either, but to learn that you’ve got to go to grad school. I mean, if we told you that you wouldn’t respect us as much… so go to grad school to learn all the stuff we don’t know.”

Another quote to add to the long list I’ve accumulated from this class. There was another situation earlier in the semester where there was a misprint in the book:

“The hardest thing in life is figuring out what the question is… so we’re going to prepare you here with typos and misprints.”

Gotta love professors that have fun with their material.