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Apple Tablet?

So, I’ve obviously had my head buried in books for too long, because I completely missed this until now:

Apple’s lips are sealed about its widely rumored tablet computer, but technology experts are giddy about the device, already exclaiming it will be the gadget to end all gadgets. […] If the rumors are true, the tablet will be able to do basically everything a gadget could possibly do. It’s an e-reader, a gaming device, and a music player. You can watch TV and movies on it and surf the Internet (or so we’ve heard). And it will have thousands of third-party apps available for it … or maybe it will run Mac OS X. That’s all still unknown. (CNN Money)

The CNN article then continues to tout quotes from different individuals about the tablet, but it’s really nothing enlightening. It boils down to “It might exist and it might succeed,” which I already knew from the first paragraph.

But, yes, Apple is taking over the world. Wasn’t Steve Jobs retiring eventually? Not that it matters. He’ll just have all that free time to work with Al Gore on creating a system of government that runs on Mac OS X and the Internet… they might invite Google to come, too.