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Web Programmers Never Get Cars...

When he was 17, George Hotz poured hundreds of hours of his summer vacation into a special project: learning the iPhone’s secrets. His unpaid labor eventually paid off. With the help of a soldering iron, he was the first to unlock the iPhone, delivering the handset to international networks before Apple had a chance to. He got some perks, too. His unlock catapulted him to internet stardom, catching the eye of an entrepreneur who traded his Nissan 350Z car for Hotz’s restriction-free iPhone. (CNN)

For anyone wondering if the Computer World has rockstars, the answer is yes. The first man to hack an iPhone will live in infamy forever. Although, as usual, I am always torn… while it would be awesome to get a car for a hack like that, I would much rather be an actual student at a University then just be forced to pretend to be one to have a social life (see paragraph 4 of that article).