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Starbucks Free WiFi

So, the New York Times reports that Starbucks will be cutting the chains on its years-long practice of charging for access to their WiFi access in store. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise as local coffee shops, especially in Athens, have been doing this for years.

I find this somewhat funny because my family recently switched to AT&T for our home internet service. After learning about this (as I do not live at home, I did not know about it at first), my first thought was “Awesome! Now if I can’t find a place with good coffee to go, I can at least stop in a Starbucks parking lot to check my email!” That’s right, I am publicly announcing my distaste for Starbucks coffee. Now, I’m not talking about their espresso stuff (always been a fan of the mocha), but the actual coffee.

While it’s possible that Starbucks will see an increase in business as a result of this move, my guess is that all of the people who were looking for a coffee shop at which to use free wifi have already found one, and that they like the coffee there better.