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Best Survey Results Ever

So, like most people who fancy themselves for the Computer Sciences – I’m an avid reader of xkcd. Granted, you don’t have to be a computer guy to get all the jokes. The fine gentlemen that runs it throws a lot of mathy/life jokes up there on a regular basis as well. But I got a good LOL when I went to check out his blog (or blag, as it is named). It seems that our dear friend over at xkcd was doing a color survey to try and see if there is a correlation between sex and colorblindness, or something like that.

I actually didn’t bother reading what the original objective of the survey is. All I know is he got people to name some colors, compiled all the data, and posted some pretty hilarious results that I almost laughed out loud at in the middle of my class.

I am specifically entertained by the top color name chosen by men: penis.