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Intel's Energy Efficiency Tools

So, I don’t know about you, but I’m quite tired of hearing about Apple’s various technological woes in the new. So it was good to hear something fresh from Wired this evening. It seems that the Intel Lab is venturing outside their niche in microchips to venture into the world of Energy Management Consoles and robots!

For those who haven’t heard of them before, Energy Management Consoles are designed to make us, as consumers, more conscious about our energy consumption. Energy Management Consoles are capable of monitoring appliances, security system, lights, and pretty much anything else that consumes energy in your home. But, as Wired reports, these devices have had some trouble breaking into the mainstream.

Kanellos of Wired comments, “Home energy management companies admit that it has been tough to get consumers to interact with their consoles after the initial thrill wears off.” Intel’s solution? Throw an answering machine in it! “By integrating an answering machine,” Kanellos continues, “consumers will inadvertently have to come in contact with their energy consumption all the time.”

So what else doe Intel have up it’s sleeve? Well, if Energy Management Consoles aren’t quite your thing, how does a robot that automatically finds recyclable items? Check out the video!

Although we probably won’t see this stuff in the wild for awhile, they’re still pretty cool to think about. Speaking of which, what would you program that robot to do for you? Would you buy the Intel Energy Management console for your home?

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