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Linkbait for July 9th

So, it’s not uncommon for me to have days like today where I see a lot of interesting stories on my news feeds, but nothing that I really feel like writing a long, detailed article about. While I don’t feel like writing out a longer essay-like post on these, I don’t feel I can be completely silent because they’re pretty interesting. Maybe it’s just a case of me not feeling like I have a lot to contribute to the conversation, and as Mark Twain said, “It’s better for you to be silent and everyone to think you’re an idiot, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

So, that said! Here we go!

Number One in my lineup is a story coming down from ArsTechnica about a new iPhone App that aims to motivate you to complete your to-do list in short order through the means of a… Role Playing Game? That’s right, doing the laundry will earn you in-game points. What might be the name of this particular game, you ask? The answer is EpicWin. I kid you not. Ars has posted a summary and the trailer video for the game on their blog post. Check it out!

Number Two is a throwback to yesterdays post about patents in the technology industry. Now, a company named NTP is suing many mobile device makers for violating their patents on “wireless email.” I’m finally at the point where I say, “What the hell?” This is just getting ridiculous. Of course, this is the same NTP that is currently appealing the US Patent Office’s decision to throw out several of their patents. Ars quotes the cofounder of NTP as follows:

“The filing of suit today is necessary to ensure that those companies who are infringing NTP’s patents will be required to pay a licensing fee,” NTP cofounder Donald Stout said in a statement. “In view of the USPTO Board’s ruling, the debate over whether Mr. Campana was an originator in the field of wireless e-mail is over.”

This just seems a bit silly these days. Wireless email is based on protocols that have their roots in the Internet’s inception. Check out the original article here.

Anyways, that all I’ve got today. Leave me some comment love, and you guys will hear from me later this weekend!