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Revolutionizing Airport Security: Terahertz

I’m not so much of a science nerd as I am a computer geek, but Wired had an awesome article today on a new technology that may revolutionize Airport Security, the detection of IEDs, and even ecological disaster response.

Th technology relies on Terahertz. Quite frankly, I’m in over my head in this area, but from what I understand these terahertz are emitted (radiated?) by everything and we’ve known about them for awhile. The problem appears to have been that they were easily neutralized by environmental factors. However, scientists have now solved this problem through the use of lasers. (It’s always lasers that do the cool stuff.)

Anyway, if I try to go into more detail than that, I’ll be way over my head, so if you want to know more I reccomend you stroll on over to Wired’s article. I’ll have a full length post coming out tonight or tomorrow. Until then, leave me some thoughts on this in the comments!