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To John Gruber: Grow Up

What I can only imagine being a response to continued criticisms over Apple following their press conference yesterday, John Gruber (a popular Technology and Mac blogger, for those not in the know) has been spewing some Android, Nokia, and Blackberry hate on his blog, Daring Fireball, this morning.

His first post of interest at 5:28AM this morning was aimed as a direct response to a comment by Research in Motion co-CEOs who claimed that Apple’s accusation of antenna issues were unfounded and even going so far as to state, “One thing is for certain, RIM’s customers don’t need to use a case for their BlackBerry smartphone to maintain proper connectivity.” In response Gruber writes, “Sounds angry, but I don’t see what exactly was ‘distorted’.” When I read that, I’ll admit I was pretty amused… I may or may not have responded by saying “burrrnnnnn” out loud.

However, at 9:01AM we see Gruber again opening up the hate on anything non-Apple when he highlights a quote from the LA Times about the Droid X having software installed on it that can’t be removed. At this point I was planning on doing a response post that goes along the lines of “Droid and Android aren’t the same… droid is a marketing thing… android is the software blah blah blah” (if you want that discourse read the top of the Android section of this post).

That plan was thwarted when Gruber opened up the can of hate on Nokia, too. Quite frankly, by this point I’m resolved in thinking that Gruber is simply responding to criticisms by others of Apple’s antenna problems. With all the class of a shunned prom queen, Gruber is railing on anyone he can get his hands on – and it’s not an attractive show.

Quite frankly, I’m disappointed. Gruber, you usually have some pretty interesting opinions – but this morning you obviously woke up on the wrong side of the bed (sometime before 5:30AM). So, all I’m going to say is this: grow up and stop whining because apple is taking one in the chin on this antenna issue. I know you love Apple, but this isn’t the way to go about defending them. You, and Steve Jobs, should learn that the correct response to this type of PR nightmare is “We’re sorry you’re not happy, we’re going to do everything we can to fix it.” No more, no less. The second you start pointing the finger at other people you just make yourself look desperate and you loose all credibility with consumers, including myself.

Here endith the lesson.