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Linkbait for July 19th

It should be noticed that today is the day I stopped reading John Gruber’s Daring Fireball. Listening to the guy on the top of a soapbox gets old after awhile. Especially when he bashes Android without knowing what he’s talking about. So, unsubscribe.

Anyway, this week I’m preoccupied with a project and an exam, among other things – so I may not be as active this week. But here are some cool bite-sized links for you to check out today. Leave me some comment love, and I’ll see you guys on the other side of this hell week. I might be able to post again between now and my exam on Wednesday, but don’t hold your breath. So, without further adue – this is what’s going on in Technology today…

#1 Verizon Rolling out 4G: Engadget obtained some alleged internal Verizon documents highlighting some details around a potential 4G rollout this year.

#2 Droid 2 Pictures: Talkandroid.com is featuring some pretty cool looking pictures of the Motorola Droid 2 on this post today. This will be a sequel to the original Motorola Droid and will also run on Verizon… so if you’re going to be looking at a new smartphone later down the road and you’re on Verizon, keep this one in mind.

#3 Netflix, eh?: Macworld reports that Netflix will be coming to Canada. More here.

#4 Facebook = small country: Macworld is also reporting that Facebook is expected to hit a half million users this week. You can read that article here.

Sorry this was so brief guys, but I’m really pressed for time this week. Maybe I’ll be able to do a more substantial update of original content in a few days. I’m sure you guys will find a way to manage without me.