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Saudi Kingdom vs RIM

So I may be the only person that finds this concerning, but the Saudi government seems to want RIM, the company behind Blackberry, to have a physical server for their Blackberry Messenger service located in-country.

For those who don’t know, BlackBerry’s internal network is entirely encrypted making it hard for governments to peek into for “law enforcement” purposes. Essentially, RIM could tell them to take a hike. However by locating a Messenger server in-country, the Saudis would have legal leverage over the contents of the server.

Here’s my question: should this be a big deal? Part of me is screaming because I don’t trust the Saudi’s (which I, unlike most Americans, will credit to a lack of understanding of what they’re about and the influence of mainstream media as opposed to any real knowledge) while the other part of me acknowledges their need to enforce their laws appropriately. Just food for thought.

Source: Reuters.com