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Blogger's Block

So it seems I’ve hit that inevitable block that all the bloggers talk about where I’m having trouble finding things I’m interested in writing about. The other problem I’m facing is that when I find something I’m interested in writing about, I have trouble sitting down and writing about it while it is still relevant. I haven’t done any in-depth pieces for awhile, so I really should sit down and do that – because let’s be honest… no one really needs just another blog out there that’s just going to recap the news.

So why not blog about having trouble blogging? Seems natural right?

I’m playing with a few different ideas as to how I can bridge the gap of silence on days when I don’t have a big piece. One option is to accumulate news items over the course of the day, Monday thru Friday, and make one large post at about 6PM or 7PM with a composite view of what happened (complete with the occasional editorial remark, of course). Then, aim for one to two larger stories per week. I think that shall be my goal for this coming week, and if I feel like it is a good schedule, I’ll keep it.

As always, I’d love to hear any ideas you’d like to have covered in depth. Be it something you think I should explain in the tech industry to ideas for recurring articles. Let me know what you think, or just leave some miscellaneous comment love, as always!

See you guys tomorrow.