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Cars and Computers, and lots of problems.

Happy Monday to everyone. I don’t really have anything special to report on today, but I thought you might be interested to know what has been going on over the past few days instead of blogging on here.

First off, I was spending time with my girlfriend while I had the opportunity this weekend. Sorry, blogosphere. She takes priority over you.

Secondly, I’ve been preoccupied with dealing with a malfunctioning car. I own an older Nissan Sentra that has decided it is time for its air conditioning to die. For those of you who haven’t visited Georgia before, this is unacceptable behavior for a car in August. So, there has been a considerable amount of time and effort over the last week dealing with those problems. The good news is that it looks like I’ll be able to drive my brother’s car for awhile when it gets out of the shop. It’s about 4 years newer than mine, and in much better shape. Unfortunately for my brother, he gets to drive around in the Sentra until we find a replacement for it. So, needless to say – I’m looking forward to that.

Third, if any of you tried to access Farmdawg Nation over the weekend you probably had some trouble. We had some more glitches in our server software over the weekend, and last night the site was down for a bit while I was investigating different options for server software. The server that runs Farmdawg Nation is named Jethro (yes, my servers are named after NCIS characters) and I’m beginning to think that I’ve been pushing it too hard. The system only has 256MB of RAM, which is less than most desktop systems require as a bare minimum. Now, servers are more lightweight in terms of software, but 256MB can get cramped if you’re trying to do too many things at once. Jethro is a mail server, regular web server, ruby on rails web server, MySQL server, and Subversion server – all in one. Surely someone out there is ready to slap me for trying to do all that with 256MB.

I waffled between expanding the memory on Jethro and starting a new server. I opted to start a new server. I want a server that I can work on and not have to worry about Farmdawg Nation or any other sites that I host going down if something goes amiss. This week I will begin the process process of migrating services over to reduce the load I’m putting on Jethro. Farmdawg Nation will be offline for parts of this move. So, I don’t know how much I will blog this week, but I may have some useful tutorials or something for things that I figure out along the way.

So, that’s pretty much what has been happening. As always, feel free to leave me some comment love (or try to at least). I hope to talk to you guys in a couple of days after the dust has settled with the server move.