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Easter Eggs: The programmer's joke.

Programmers like jokes, but for this one to make any remote sense to any of the non-geek friends that I have reading this blog, let me try to do a little bit of background.

So, one of the fun things you learn about when you run your own web server – after you learn about firewalling to keep people from hacking in – is how to install software. My servers are both running something called Ubuntu Linux, so installing software is done using something called the Advanced Package Tool, or APT. APT has a number of interfaces that you can use to access it – but the two most popular are apt-get and aptitude. My personal favorite is aptitude, but i recently came across a funny article today showing some hidden functionality in the programs (which are called easter eggs)….

If any of you have used a command line before – nothing you’ll see will surprise you. But for those that haven’t: a command line is what you use when you are only working with text commands. So to run a program you type “program-name arguments” where the arguments determine what you want the program to do (there’s a space separating the program name from its arguments, and all arguments from eachother)… so I got a little surprise when I decided to (at the recommendation of a website) run “apt-get moo”…

![](http://static.squarespace.com/static/507ba2f9c4aa45dec4f03316/507ba4cee4b044d779f49a4b/507ba4d6e4b044d779f49af3/1284935937000/?format=original "Output of apt-get moo")
Output of apt-get moo
So, being an *aptitude* user, I had to follow the recommendation of the same website to try the same command with aptitude a few different ways:
[![](http://static.squarespace.com/static/507ba2f9c4aa45dec4f03316/507ba4cee4b044d779f49a4b/507ba4d6e4b044d779f49af6/1284936009000/?format=original "Output of aptitude moo")](http://static.squarespace.com/static/507ba2f9c4aa45dec4f03316/507ba4cee4b044d779f49a4b/507ba4d6e4b044d779f49af6/1284936009000/?format=original)
Output of aptitude moo (click to enlarge)
Certainly made my Monday a lot more entertaining!

What funny easter eggs have you found in a program before? Leave me some comment love and let me know!