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Recommended Reading: Android Task Killers

The Nexus OneI normally don’t repost things unless they are a part of a conversation to which I feel that I have something to contribute. However, today will be an exception to that rule. Today I’m posting a link to an article on lifehacker that discusses Android Task Killers. For those not in the Android world, Task Killers are programs that are pretty straightforward in their design and purpose: they kill programs that you have running on-request. From what I understand, some programs of this nature have more bells and whistles than other programs — but the end goal is just the same: to improve battery life by minimizing the number of programs running in the background on your phone.

The idea is simple enough, and not completely wrong, but Lifehacker suggests (correctly, in my opinion) that  some Android users may be fooled about how much these task killers are helping the performance and battery life of their phone. I’m recommending that anyone with an Android smartphone check it out, and let me know what you think. As always – I love to hear what your experiences have been with task killers and the like.

Link: “Android Task Killers Explained” on Lifehacker