UPDATE: The Overheard app for Android now supports Overseen in Athens as well, and has gotten a facelift. Check out more details on the Overheard in Athens project page.
So, my first Android app is finally live. Presenting, Overheard in Athens for Android!

The app is pretty simple, but useful. (It’s a lot faster than trying to load the actual OIA site.) In essence, the app allows you to view the latest items from the Overheard in Athens homepage, and allows you to submit your own quotes directly from the App. In the coming weeks, I’m hoping to add Overseen in Athens to the mix as well. The code is actually already there, it just needs to be polished up and trimmed down.

I started this project when I first got my Nexus One, and I’ll be the first to admit that it isn’t perfect. When I started working on getting this ready for release yesterday, I undid a lot of the network code I originally wrote because it was horribly inefficient and would have killed battery utilization in the wild. Currently the Overseen component in the code still depends on that portion of the programming, and the Overseen submission doesn’t work yet… so I’m holding off on release that.

I still think that it is something that my friends will be able to enjoy. You can find the project page for the app here. Additionally, you can find the app on the android market on your phone by scanning the QR code to the right.

You can give it a click to make it large enough to scan with your phone.

Leave me some comment love with your thoughts, and tell your friends about it. As always, shoot me an email using the contact form if you run into specific bugs.

Enjoy the app!