According to a report featured on Ars Technica today, data has been found that supports a general consensus: there are fewer dropped calls for iPhone 4 users on Verizon’s network. According to the data collected by the research group, ChangeWave Research, Verizon Wireless iPhone 4 users reported having around 1.8% of their calls dropped, on average. AT&T iPhone 4 users reported an average of 4.8%. If this data is correct, that would mean that AT&T’s network is dropping calls two and a half times more frequently than Verizon’s network.
Is anyone surprised?

I’ve never tried to give the illusion that I’m a fan of AT&T. As soon as my contract expires, I’m jumping ship to Verizon because of some abuse me and my family received from their High Speed Internet Department while we were trying out their service. By abuse, I mean that they couldn’t get their service to work consistently, and they still tried to charge us a cancellation fee. They backed off when we informed them that if they insisted on charging us a cancellation fee for the Internet service, we would additionally be canceling our home phone and cell phone service that day – but it still left a bad taste in my mouth. While I never expect much from the likes of Telecom companies in terms of Customer Service, I have never been so amazed at such an abysmal quality of service (with the exception of my experience with the SiriusXM Customer Service Department). At least I can find some solace in the fact that I am not alone in my frustrations.

Personally, I’m still waffling about whether or not I want to get an HTC Thunderbolt or an iPhone 4 when I make the switch to Verizon. Does anyone have any feedback for me on their thoughts with either phone? Leave me some comment love and let me know.