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Re: Not Everyone Should Learn to Code

I just think we need to educate everyone that software development is a lifestyle choice as much as it is a career choice. That if you are simply not going to be passionate about it, learn and grow, it isn’t the place for you. The last thing I think any of us industry programmers want is a flood of people coming in thinking they can do our job better than us, writing bad code and then forcing us into becoming maintenance programmers just to keep these companies, that believed in them, up and running.


I will clarify on a point: I think people who are working in the industry should understand some of the basic tenants of code, but people who other engineers have to clean up after hurt everyone. I would say this is true of any profession or subject, though. I’m sure my friend Clarin (who studied Chemistry) would be quite amused at the idea of me trying to function as a Chemist on a team.

This brings up a broader question though. What’s the appropriate nomenclature for some collection of Chemists. A family of Chemists? A band of Chemists? A school of Chemists?