My name is Matt Farmer. I'm a Software Engineer in Atlanta, GA with a love for functional programming and open source software. Given that "Matt" is an incredibly common name, I frequently end up getting called "Farmer" or "Farmdawg" (the spelling of that being a hat tip to my tenure at the University of Georgia). This blog's name comes from the latter nickname.

I currently work for the marketing company with the primate mascot by day and work on open source software by night. The big things I work on include some personal projects, the Lift Framework, and Dispatch. I also do a good bit of speaking.

I've been maintaining some form of this blog since college, and I suspect the quality of the writing, especially in some of the older posts, will show it. The topics here are mostly related to the technology industry and reflect my thoughts on current events, practices, or first-hand experiences.

If you wish to get in touch with me, drop me a line at matt (at) farmdawgnation (dot) com.