I enjoy sharing what I know or interesting things I’ve done with others. Often that takes the form of writing code, writing a blog post, or having a one-on-one conversation with someone.

Periodically, however, that takes the form of me standing at the front of a room and sharing in presentation format. This documents my experience in those engagements.

I’m currently passionate about Open Source Software, Scala, the Lift Framework, and topics around the development and operation of streaming data platforms (like the one I help build every day using Kafka).

Upcoming speaking

None at the moment. =)

Past speaking

Streaming Data at Scale with Apache Kafka ACM Atlanta • March 13, 2018

Testing at Stream-Scale All Things Open 2017 • October 24, 2017 Slides

Introduction to Clojure MailChimp Night School • June 28, 2017

The Case for the Cutting-Edge
NE Scala 2016 Unconference • March 5, 2016

The Case for the Cutting-Edge
Lambda Conf 2015 • May 23rd, 2015

Building Your Web Application Muscles with Lift
Atlanta Scala Users Group • May 6th, 2015
SlidesExample Project

An Introduction to Scala and Lift
Developers of Athens • August 5th, 2014