1. When a Chrome Bug Kills Your Product

    Update: In what is a lesson of “I should probably reach out for help sooner,” a commenter on the Hacker News thread correctly found that the issue was a text-indent rule we have on the Anchor Tab stamp. Go figure. I’ve removed the rule from the CSS, but what

    Matt Farmer anchor-tab, chrome
  2. Idle Drawings: Scaling Web Applications

    This is the rare occasion I’ll get to enlighten some of my non-technical friends into the kind of stuff that I do in my idle time for fun. As many of you know, I’ve been working with the Cirion Group on Anchor Tab for awhile now. We’re

    Matt Farmer anchor-tab, server-administration
  3. Announcing the Release of Anchor Tab 1.1

    We released Anchor Tab 1.1 this weekend. We added Campaign Monitor support, the first iteration of mobile support, and a handful of other goodies. Go check out the release announcement on the Anchor Tab blog!

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  4. Bootstrap Checkpoint Zero

    I’m a part-time entrepreneur, and I’ve referenced in the past how I’m particularly interested in bootstrapping businesses. This fascination has actually come from the experience I’ve been having working with Justin, Austin, and Hunter on Anchor Tab. Bootstrapping a business is hard, because you’ve got

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