1. AT&T/T-Mobile Merger = Cellphone Soviet?

    So AT&T is trying to eat T-Mobile. OM NOM NOM. There have been several good articles that have come out over the past few days. Personally, I’m a fan of Ars Technica’s rendition of this particular situation (credit to them for being the inspiration for my

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  2. Eighth Grader beats Angry Birds, Android Fragmentation

    Good Wednesday to everyone! I found a few tidbits that I wanted to share today that I thought that other people would find interesting today. First off, however, I need to admit that I’ve been doing a horrible job of doing this whole picture-a-day-for-a-year thing (365 Project). I’m

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  3. New Year, New Work

    Well, let me start off by wishing everyone a happy 2011. This is the first blog post of the new year. Since the start of the year I’ve found myself completely apathetic with regard to doing anything remotely related to work of any kind. I can’t explain it

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  4. Maylong Tablet: Utter Joke

    So, I stumbled upon a nice little review from ArsTechnica about the Maylong M-150 Android tablet that is being sold at Walgreens. Yeah, Walgreens. Ars wrote a scathing review that inspired a post on the Best Buy blog showing what different things can be done with this tablet. Seriously, read

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  5. Recommended Reading: Android Task Killers

    I normally don’t repost things unless they are a part of a conversation to which I feel that I have something to contribute. However, today will be an exception to that rule. Today I’m posting a link to an article on lifehacker that discusses Android Task Killers. For

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  6. Proprietary App Stores Bode Trouble for Android

    It is rare that I find myself genuinely concerned when I read the tech news. I am quite often bemused, or even annoyed – but rarely concerned. However, today, I am concerned. On TalkAndroid today there’s an article discussing Amazon’s intent to open their own Android App Store. This

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  7. Upgrade Schedules, Traveling Guides, and Traffic Jams

    So, this blog post is going to be going out a little bit later than I had intended, but I had a little bit of a crazy day – what with having to take my car into the shop. Anyway, it’s time for me to give a little roundup of

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  8. ADTP: A Distributed Method for Android Testing

    So, I’m taking a break from reporting on fun things happening in the technology industry to write something of a whitepaper for a cool idea that I had. If you are interested in mobile application development, as I know a few of my readers are – then you will find

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  9. Dell's Streak = Awesome New Android Toy

    Yes! I’m alive! I survived my exam and caught up on everything at work, so here I am again blogging. And boy do I have something to blog about. I was reading this morning (while drinking my coffee of course) and came across this little gem: [![](http:

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  10. New Android App from Google Finds Parking

    [![]( "Open Spot retrieving available parking.")](!! Deep from the inner sanctum of Google Labs comes a brand new gem called Open Spot. I can’t speak for your

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