1. Some Thoughts on Steve Jobs's Retirement

    As a Mac user for five years now, I’ve had some interest in Steve Jobs to say the least. He managed to orchestrate leading Apple from the nearly bankrupt skeleton that it was when he returned to the company to an industry leader in the mobile device market. This

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  2. iPad Coming to Verizon Stores

    According to Gizmodo the iPad will be coming to Verizon Stores on October 28! Unfortunately, only the WiFi model will be available so 3G internet access on the go will require the additional purchase of a Verizon MiFi. So, this isn’t really new, but the business relationship between Apple

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  3. Apple is learning their lesson

    ![QC Approved Clipart from]( "QC Approved Clipart")Source: Many apologizes for not getting a blog post out yesterday – or even getting a substantial post out today. The nature of being a student means that sometimes

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  4. Apple's Ping smells familiar

    [![Screen shot of Apple's Ping]( "Screen shot of Apple's Ping")]( shot of Apple's Ping (click to enlarge). Good Tuesday to everyone. I hope all of you had

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  5. Aug 24: Facebook starts lawsuit, new iPhone anti-theft, and more!

    Good Tuesday to all of you. I’m back again with a news roundup for today. Overall it’s a pretty interesting day, so if you’re interesting in seeing what I’ve compiled, read on! Lawsuits, Lawsuits, Lawsuits Surprise! Yes, there is yet another outrageous lawsuit out there. It

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  6. Apple's Magic... Trackpad?

    So, I usually applaud companies that try to set the curve for new user input standards, and such innovations are usually met with an “ooh ahh” by me… but to be honest – I don’t really know what to make of this: ![](

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  7. Library of Congress rules jailbreaking legal

    Do you know what the Library of Congress did for you today? Ruled that jailbreaking an iPhone was not a violation of copyright as Apple has been claiming: The Library of Congress, which has the power to define exceptions to an important copyright law, said on Monday that it was

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  8. To John Gruber: Grow Up

    What I can only imagine being a response to continued criticisms over Apple following their press conference yesterday, John Gruber (a popular Technology and Mac blogger, for those not in the know) has been spewing some Android, Nokia, and Blackberry hate on his blog, Daring Fireball, this morning. His first

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  9. Apple Censoring? No Way!

    So, Consumer Reports announced yesterday that they were reversing their recommendation on the iPhone 4 in a blog post on their website. What’s interesting is that (as Gizmodo points out) they had previously recommended the iPhone 4 before fully testing it. Oops. That makes them look silly. Now, it

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  10. iOS, Android, and You


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