1. Lessons Learned from my First Hackathon

    This weekend I participated in Atlanta Startup Weekend with the My Chef’s Table team. We placed second and it was an excellent experience overall mostly because it’s something very different from my normal operating mode. Given the choice I’d prefer to take my time with a product,

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  2. Georgia House Bill 907

    At the end of January, Creative Loafing published an article talking about taxi companies who were unhappy that Uber and Lyft are able to skirt around requirements that taxi companies have been required to adhere to for years (“Atlanta’s taxi industry declares war on Uber, Lyft”). At the start

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  3. If You Do Something, Stand For Something

    Startups are a wonderful thing. When startups get to solve a problem that hasn’t been solved before or they get to shake the cages of the establishment to spur innovation, they’re at their best. When they’re playing with a formula that’s already been done a hundred

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