1. Service Protection Plan

    Last week I found out there was a $4 charge on my bill under the TV category titled the “Service Protection Plan.” The Comcast site on seemed to be related to maintenance of wiring. That seemed wrong because it seemed to me that sending someone out to investigate wiring issues

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  2. Testimony

    While I was working at Boxkite Media in Athens, I would occasionally get some pretty humorous assignments. One of these was converting a PHP application we had written, and designed to run on Linux, into a PHP application that would run just as well on a Windows server with PHP

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  3. The SiriusXM Listener Abuse Line

    Most customer support snafus are honest mistakes or misunderstandings. I have had a number of situations in talking with customer support representatives where things just went wrong. Nine times out of ten, it’s a situation of things being out of the control of the customer service department. Even with

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