1. Birthday Change Limit?

    Before you decide to pull a funny by changing your friend’s birthday after they left their Facebook logged in, take pause. Your change could be there for awhile. I opened my news feed, and found this story among the updates that Facebook felt pertinent for me today: Ooops. It

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  2. Aug 24: Facebook starts lawsuit, new iPhone anti-theft, and more!

    Good Tuesday to all of you. I’m back again with a news roundup for today. Overall it’s a pretty interesting day, so if you’re interesting in seeing what I’ve compiled, read on! Lawsuits, Lawsuits, Lawsuits Surprise! Yes, there is yet another outrageous lawsuit out there. It

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  3. Linkbait for July 19th

    It should be noticed that today is the day I stopped reading John Gruber’s Daring Fireball. Listening to the guy on the top of a soapbox gets old after awhile. Especially when he bashes Android without knowing what he’s talking about. So, unsubscribe. Anyway, this week I’m

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  4. Now Featuring RPX Authentication!

    So, I came across an excellent gem of a WordPress Plugin today. It’s called RPX. I discovered it in the course of trying to get my OpenID authentication to work (with no luck). The OpenID plugin seems to be jacked up, but NOW I have RPX that is pure

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