1. Lifehacker on Recovering Lost Flash Drives

    I love the people over at Lifehacker. Today they were kind enough to share Four Solid Methods for Getting Back Your Lost Thumb Drive. I personally guarantee you’ll get a kick out of #2.

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  2. Best Survey Results Ever

    So, like most people who fancy themselves for the Computer Sciences – I’m an avid reader of xkcd. Granted, you don’t have to be a computer guy to get all the jokes. The fine gentlemen that runs it throws a lot of mathy/life jokes up there on a

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  3. In the Spirit of Final Exams

    So, we’re here at the end of November again. You know what that means: final exams are just around the corner for all of us college students. I have found, through much experience, that the biggest inhibitor to studying for final exams is getting motivated. So, to help motivate

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