1. Security for a computer on your face

    The following is a quote from a PC Mag article about a security vulnerability that was found in Google Glass. “On the face of it, it’s a really exciting development,” said Rogers. “But the issue is the moment Glass sees a command code it recognizes, it executes it.” With

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  2. Google Punishing Bad Businesses

    Google seems to have no limit to their ambition to be the most competent search engine on the net. Macworld announced today that Google is going to begin using algorithms to influence the search rankings of different businesses based on how well they do business. It seems that this has

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  3. Uhhh.... what?

    Google suggestions spit this out. I’m speechless. [![]( "Google Suggestion Fail")]( Suggestion Fail (click to enlarge)

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  4. Google Maps Humor

    People at Google really share my sense of humor. Because, if they didn’t… then searches like the one below – wouldn’t work: [![]( "GoogleMaps Query")]( results of

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  5. Aug 24: Facebook starts lawsuit, new iPhone anti-theft, and more!

    Good Tuesday to all of you. I’m back again with a news roundup for today. Overall it’s a pretty interesting day, so if you’re interesting in seeing what I’ve compiled, read on! Lawsuits, Lawsuits, Lawsuits Surprise! Yes, there is yet another outrageous lawsuit out there. It

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  6. Google, Microsoft, and Uncle Sam's Inbox

    So I don’t know about anyone else, but I was kind of creeped out when I ran across this news story from the WSJ last night. It talks about how Microsoft and Google are bidding for contracts to run email services for different Federal Organizations on their respective clouds.

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  7. Google's "Almost Revolution"

    ![The Nexus One]( "The Nexus One")Source: Wikipedia Article There are times in history that we can define certain points as changing the course of everything that followed. This is especially true in the technology industry. Since the technological

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  8. New Android App from Google Finds Parking

    [![]( "Open Spot retrieving available parking.")](!! Deep from the inner sanctum of Google Labs comes a brand new gem called Open Spot. I can’t speak for your

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  9. Google can haz ur dataz?

    ![image]( "Representative Jane Harman")Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) In a somewhat amusing turn of events related to the Google StreetView debacle, Wired reports that Consumer Watchdog decided to sniff unencrypted wireless network traffic at Rep Jane Harman’s personal

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  10. iOS, Android, and You


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