Let's hope so this time...

Got this in the mail today. Hopefully they are correct thus time.… Read more »

Proprietary App Stores Bode Trouble for Android

It is rare that I find myself genuinely concerned when I read the tech news. I am quite often bemused, or even annoyed – but rarely concerned. However, today, I am concerned. On… Read more »

Camera Patents are like Mines

[![FlashPoint Corporate Logo](http://static.squarespace.com/static/507ba2f9c4aa45dec4f03316/507ba4cee4b044d779f49a4b/507ba4d2e4b044d779f49a8f/1278612593000/?format=original "FlashPoint Corporate Logo")](http://static.squarespace.com/static/507ba2f9c4aa45dec4f03316/507ba4cee4b044d779f49a4b/507ba4d2e4b044d779f49a8f/1278612593000/?format=original)FlashPoint Corporate Logo At… Read more »