1. It Doesn't Matter If There's a Bubble

    There’s a new four letter word in the technology world these days, especially around startups: bubble. David Pollak is a colleague of mine who I deeply respect. We work together on a few different projects, including Lift. Last summer, he had the following conversation on Twitter: Another day, another

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  2. The Investment Vehicle Consultancy

    Lately I’ve been playing with the idea of a new type of consultancy. Tangental to this idea, there’s been a lot of thoughts around the current state of the technology industry simmering in my head. Particularly following the blog post from Groove about turning down the $5 million

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  3. Security for a computer on your face

    The following is a quote from a PC Mag article about a security vulnerability that was found in Google Glass. “On the face of it, it’s a really exciting development,” said Rogers. “But the issue is the moment Glass sees a command code it recognizes, it executes it.” With

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  4. PaaS isn't the end-all-to-be-all.

    I ran across this article while browsing on Hacker News that’s suggests the following idea for webapp development: “If you’re not building a PaaS, you should deploy on a PaaS.” I feel the need to point out (because I’m an incredibly opinionated person) that I strongly disagree.

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  5. Steve Jobs and the Signal Bar Disappearing Act

    [![Full Bars! Illustration]( "Full Bars!")]( Credit: Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo There has been much talk recently of the issues with signal reception in Apple’s new golden child, the iPhone 4. Ever since

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  6. Guest Lectures = Good Teaching Tool

    [![Brantley Coile](]( Coile So Monday my Computer Architecture class got a guest lecture from a guy by the name of Brantley Coile, who was there to talk

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