1. New JSON Array Extraction for Lift

    JSON is everywhere. That means that properly supporting all of JSON's flexibility is an important priority for any web framework in 2017. For a typed language, like Scala, this type of problem can get interesting because JSON can do a few things that aren't quite as intuitive to do in

    Matt Farmer lift, development, open-source
  2. Lift Delegation Proposal

    This is an introduction for an idea of mine I’m calling Lift Delegation, a feature that I’m hoping to implement in the Lift Framework that would allow Lift applications to be implemented in a master/delegate model with a small amount of state and content from the master

    Matt Farmer lift
  3. Thinking About Tests

    I’ve been thinking a lot about tests lately. The automated, software development kind, not the school kind. I’ve been thinking a lot about tests because I’ve realized that my thinking about them has been broken. Specifically, around how to test Lift web applications. Something that I’ve

    Matt Farmer lift, software-development, testing
  4. Open Source Software at Elemica

    So I did a write up for Elemica about our use of Open Source Software within the organization. It covered some allegorical business examples as an argument for OSS, talks a good bit about Lift and Chef, and goes on to discuss a few of the things that we’ve

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  5. So, I gave a talk

    On Tuesday, I gave my first talk ever in front of a technical crowd to the Developers of Athens. My topic was Scala and Lift. This wasn’t my first time being in front of an audience, but it was my first time giving a primarily slide-driven presentation about some

    Matt Farmer lift, scala, speaking
  6. Intelligent New Relic Transaction Naming with Lift

    So, I was going to wait until the artifact showed up in Maven Central, but I’ve got other things to do today in this beautiful weather that are decidedly better than staying indoors and waiting on Sonatype to finish publishing my artifact. Today I released an add-on for Lift

    Matt Farmer lift, newrelic
  7. Cross-Domain AJAX Requests in Lift

    Today we locked down user authentication on Anchor Tab to be SSL-only (unless I’ve severely screwed something up). As a few of you already know, I’m building Anchor Tab using the Lift Web Framework. I was first introduced to Lift at OpenStudy, and I love it. I actually

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