1. New JSON Array Extraction for Lift

    JSON is everywhere. That means that properly supporting all of JSON's flexibility is an important priority for any web framework in 2017. For a typed language, like Scala, this type of problem can get interesting because JSON can do a few things that aren't quite as intuitive to do in

    Matt Farmer lift, development, open-source
  2. Open Source Software at Elemica

    So I did a write up for Elemica about our use of Open Source Software within the organization. It covered some allegorical business examples as an argument for OSS, talks a good bit about Lift and Chef, and goes on to discuss a few of the things that we’ve

    Matt Farmer blogging, lift, open-source
  3. Announcing Deploy Goon

    It is with great pleasure that I am able to formally announce the feature complete release of my latest open source gadget, Deploy Goon. I just released version 1.0.0 out to npm tonight and aside from one bug related to the CLI that I haven’t been able

    Matt Farmer deploy-goon, deployment, open-source, operations
  4. Announcing the Georgia Open Data Project

    It is my pleasure to formally announce the Georgia Open Data Project.  The GAODP is intended to be a banner under which some like minded Software Engineers and otherwise technically minded individuals can work to help improve the ease and quality of access to data about the activities of the

    Matt Farmer georgia, open-data, open-source, politics
  5. Announcing WePay-Scala 0.9.1

    Good news folks,  I just pushed release 0.9.1 of WePay-Scala up to Maven Central. It should be available for you to use immediately if you have the Sonatype Releases Repository in your resolvers list. This release is primarily a version bump release and should represent the latest possible

    Matt Farmer open-source, wepay-scala
  6. RFC: An API for the Georgia General Assembly

    In the internet technology world, a Request for Comments (RFC) is a memorandum issued to by the Internet Engineering Task Force for peer review and generally are the framework from which a discussion about a new internet standard starts. In this same tradition, I’m reaching out to the internet

    Matt Farmer government, open-source
  7. Introducing Springback: A Java API for Formspring

    I’m sure a lot of you have heard of a little website that has been gaining popularity recently named “Formspring”. Recently, they release their API (Application Programming Interface) which allows programmers like myself to write apps that interface with their website. I spent a good portion of my time

    Matt Farmer api, formspring, java, open-source