Cross-Domain AJAX Requests in Lift

Today we locked down user authentication on Anchor Tab to be SSL-only (unless I’ve severely screwed something up). As a few of you already know, I’m building Anchor Tab using… Read more »

Pattern Matching: Flow Control Made Beautiful

One of the things that really drew me to OpenStudy when I was considering it as the next step for my career was the use of Scala as the company’s weapon… Read more »

Need Help with OAuth

So, over the past few weeks a pet project of mine has been an Android app for the growing website, Granted, I have no interest in this site at all… Read more »

Working Toward a Better MVC

One of the latest trends in website development is that of the Model-View-Controller (or MVC) design ideology. For those individuals reading who are unfamiliar with MVC, allow me to give you the… Read more »